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Experience the benefits of cold water therapy with the Portable Ice Bath. No need for a chest freezer or an expensive custom ice bath.

  • Improve mood.

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Prevent/help depression

  • Better deep sleep.

  • Helps boost the immune system : Boost energy levels

  • Improves circulation.

  • Reduce inflammation.


Happy customer Worlwide with Portable Ice Bath 

#1 Portable Ice Bath For Quick Recovery

The Ultimate Portable Ice Bath is meticulously engineered to provide optimal comfort and convenience. Its durable construction ensures longevity and the ability to withstand frequent use. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate various body sizes, allowing for a full-body immersion that maximizes the therapeutic effects.

Cold therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation, minimize muscle soreness, and accelerate the recovery process. By immersing yourself in the icy depths of The Ultimate Portable Ice Bath, you can experience these benefits firsthand. The cold temperature helps constrict blood vessels, which aids in reducing swelling and flushing out toxins from your muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Maintaining Good Health:

  • Supporting the immune system

  • Enhancing blood circulation

  • Alleviating chronic pain

  • Improving metabolism

  • Enhancing sleep quality

Improving One's Mental Health

  • Prevent or alleviate symptoms of depression

  • Exercise discipline

  • Enhance resilience

  • Enhance mood

  • Increase energy levels

Achieving a swift recovery.

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Alleviate muscle soreness

  • Enhance the overall performance

  • Reduce muscle soreness

Portable Ice Bath


Sitting in the recovery tub becomes much more comfortable and supported by the inflatable ring.


With its compact and lightweight design, the recovery tub can be easily used in any location


With its"s 6 removable support legs, the recovery tub can be quickly assembled and disassembled for added convenience


Prevent bugs, leaves, and other debris from falling into your recovery tub


The recovery tub features a skin-friendly UV-resistant PVC inner lining that's easy to clean and maintain.


supplied hose and quick-release tap make draining water from the recovery tub a breeze





Easy to transport

Only $ 99.95 US

High-quality materials

Humanization Design

Large size

#1 Portable Ice Bath For Quick Recovery Changed More Than 54,000+ Peoples Lifes

Emma W.

“Great product, easy to put together, looks nice, feels sturdy, comfortable to sit in (I'm 6ft) easy to empty.”

Peter P.

“This product is spacious, comfortable and sturdy. I'm confident that this will last me a very long time - the material is thick, the legs are great quality and the tap to empty it works efficiently. If you're into cold water therapy, I highly recommend purchasing this product.

Kristi E.

Bath Ordered one day and it came the next, easy to assemble and sturdy. Ideal for the back garden. Came with a free lid meaning I don’t need to refill everyday, good for the environment by limiting water waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How cold does the chiller keep the water?

The Ice bath comes with a tap at the bottom for drainage. To drain it, connect a standard garden hose or open the faucet, depending on where the pod is set up.

What temperature would you suggest?

We recommend starting at around 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) if it's your first time and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way, your body will get acclimated to the cold.

What is the recommended amount of ice to add?

It is suggested to add 13-26lb (6-12kg) of ice to the Ice Pod during each use. The quantity of ice required depends on your tap water temperature and desired level of coldness. If you reside in colder areas, additional ice may not be necessary.

The Ice Pod is insulated and can keep the water cold for several days, which may reduce the need for additional ice after the initial use.

Is it possible to install The Ice Pod outdoors?

Absolutely! Our pod is designed to withstand weather and UV rays, allowing you to set it up indoors or outdoors, even in freezing temperatures. The insulation layer slows down the process of water freezing, but we advise that you stir the water at least once a day to prevent it from ultimately solidifying.

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